This Viral Hack Shows How To Chop Onion In 30 Seconds Or Less

Cooking is a fun activity for many, but the meal preparation can often make it arduous. We find it a big hassle to cut out vegetables, boil and peel ingredients and do other such processes before the actual cooking starts. Chopping onions especially is one laborious activity that we struggle with. Every now and then, we come across some techniques that could make chopping onions a hassle-free process. However, a recent viral hack has blown us away with its sheer simplicity. The life-changing hack was shared on Instagram reels and has gone viral ever since. The onion hack is not just time-saving but also gives excellent results. Take a look at the full video here:

Cookbook author and nutritionist Melanie Lionello took to her Instagram handle @frommylittlekitchen to share this incredible hack. In the clip, we saw how she peeled the onion but left the root intact. Then, she flipped it upside down and held the onion by the root. She used her chef’s knife to make incisions laterally into the onion. Then, she kept it sideways and chopped the onion layer by layer to give perfectly diced onion in a matter of minutes!

“This hack is going to save so many tears!! This is how you dice a whole onion in under 30 seconds, tell me I’m not the only one who is just learning this technique,” wrote the chef in her post.

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You can chop onions quickly and easily with this hack.

The video by chef Melanie has gone viral, garnering over 13.4 million views and 805k likes in a matter of a few days. Thousands of users also poured in their praise for the onion hack in the comments section. “Wait what?! Also today years old,” said one user while another wrote, “That’s awesome. No I didn’t know either!” A few others also agreed, “Oh my god! This makes so much sense! Love this.” Some home chefs also had some questions for the hack, such as, “Where can you find them that small?” Another one suggested, “If it is sliced in half first, it will not wobble around. This way the pieces would not be even sized!”

We will surely be trying this time-saving and easy hack to chop onions today. What did you think about the viral onion chopping video? Tell us in the comments section.

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