Ford’s fundamentals remain strong, despite CEO’s recession worries, productions snags

The economy faces a heightened risk of a recession, Ford (F) CEO Jim Farley told CNBC on Tuesday, a week after the automaker warned investors of $1 billion in unexpected supplier costs and parts shortages in the third quarter. But the Club is sticking with Ford because we believe it has what it takes to … Read more

Here’s why Biogen’s promising Alzheimer’s drug data is also good news for Eli Lilly

We don’t own Eli Lilly exclusively for its potential Alzheimer’s treatment. However, we still find Biogen’s topline data to be very encouraging for Lilly. Source link

How to navigate a bear market — we look to history for answers and tell you how we’re doing it

The S & P 500 this week took out its mid-June low, a level many investors were hoping would hold as the bear market bottom. The Dow Jones Industrial Average also closed in bear market territory on Monday for the first time since the early days of Covid in 2020, finally joining the S & … Read more

Ken Griffin says Fed has not done enough, must continue on its path to reset inflation expectations

Ken Griffin, Citadel’s founder and CEO, believes the Federal Reserve has more work to do to bring down inflation even after a series of big rate hikes. “We should continue on the path that we’re on to ensure that we reanchor inflation expectations,” Griffin said at CNBC’s Delivering Alpha Investor Summit in New York City … Read more

India’s massive card security deadline unlikely to be extended – Times of India

MUMBAI: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is unlikely to extend a Friday deadline for businesses to set up an additional layer of security for consumers’ credit card data even after some concerns remain over payments failing and revenue losses, say bankers and merchants. Despite a demand by smaller merchants to delay the compliance date, … Read more

A single dose of monkeypox vaccine provides some protection against infection, CDC says

Los Angeles, CA – August 10: Luis Garcia, a registered nurse, prepares Monkeypox virus vaccine at St.John’s Well Child & Family Center on Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2022 in Los Angeles, CA. Irfan Khan | Los Angeles Times | Getty Images People at risk for monkeypox who have not received a single dose of vaccine are … Read more

Cathie Wood’s Ark is buying stock in space SPAC Rocket Lab

A look at the company’s production floor shows a series of Electron boosters, with the typical black carbon fiber rockets in the foreground and a metallic-looking reusable booster in the center. Rocket Lab Cathie Wood’s Ark Invest is dipping back into a space SPAC, with two of the firm’s funds buying up stock in Rocket … Read more

Hurricane Ian is making landfall in Florida, says Gov. DeSantis

Hurricane Ian approaches west coast of Florida on Sept. 28th, 2022. NOAA Hurricane Ian is making landfall over the west coast of Florida, according to Gov. Ron DeSantis on Wednesday afternoon. The storm greatly intensified as it neared land, reaching winds of 155 mph and nearing the most dangerous Category 5 classification Wednesday morning. Hurricane … Read more

Govt cracks down on 30 illegal telecom set-ups for routing ISD calls – Times of India

NEW DELHI: The department of telecommunications in coordination with telecom service providers and law enforcement agencies has cracked down on 30 entities that were routing ISD calls received through internet illegally to mobile and wireline customers in India. Illegal telecom set-ups primarily use internet connectivity on one side and connect to domestic mobile and landline … Read more

Cooling demand means raising prices becomes a test of how well companies know their customers

It’s time to sort the strong management teams from the weaker ones. As the country reopened after pandemic closures, price hikes were essentially a sure bet. There was plenty of pent-up demand and products were sometimes scarce due to supply chain issues. Companies also hiked prices as a necessity to preserve margins in the wake … Read more