Princess Diana looked like her grandmother?

Princess Diana looked like her grandmother?

Royal fans have spotted striking resemblance between Princess Diana and her grandmother Cynthia (Spencer), who died in 1972.

Diana’s brother Charles Spencer took to Instagram and marked 50th anniversary of Cynthia with her sketch from 1919.

He shared the portrait and wrote, “My grandmother, Cynthia (Spencer), drawn by Sargent in 1919. She died 50 years ago this year – much loved, and greatly respected.”

“The hospice in Northamptonshire carries her name: @cynthiaspencercharity A legacy she would have been humbled by,” he further said.

Commenting on the post, one royal fan says, “Wow, she looks sooo much like Princess Diana. Beautiful.”

Another said, “Beloved Princess Diana looked like her.”

“Diana looked very alike!,” commented another fan.

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