Prince William shares a ‘devastating’ news

Prince William shares a ‘devastating’ news

Duke of Cambridge Prince William has paid a touching tribute to South African ranger Anton Mzimba, who was killed in efforts to conserve wildlife last week.

Taking to Twitter, Prince William shared a statement and called Anton’s death a ‘devastating news.’

The statement reads: “The devastating news about Anton, who exemplified courage and commitment, illustrates the threat rangers face every day. And it reminds us of the human cost as Anton’s family mourn the loss of a husband and a father.

“A ranger’s job is crucial, but can be dangerous as they are regularly confronted by organised crime.

“Last Sunday marked World Ranger Day. While we remember Anton, it is vital that we provide the right support, generated through organisations like Tusk or our work with United for Wildlife, so that incidents like this don’t happen again,” the future king said as he signed off.

In another tweet, Prince William said, “On the day the challenge was launched, we learnt that Anton was potentially assassinated in his home and his wife severely injured.”

Paying tribute to him, the Duke said, “Rangers like Anton are on the frontline of conservation, protecting people as well as wildlife. Among many roles, they are teachers, carers and researchers, looking out for a natural world that can’t defend itself.”

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