Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson advised to ‘do away with any controversy’

Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson advised to ‘do away with any controversy’ 

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson have been advised to ‘do away with any controversy’ over their on-going financial dispute.

The former couple is facing off with each other to unload their £17million Swiss chalet to cover Duke’s mounting debts.

However, they have been issued a “freezing order” over a massive unpaid bill to another Swiss couple.

Amidst the financial struggles, Ferguson has been stating that she’s “continually on the verge of financial bankruptcy” but she recently got herself a fancy new home.

The luxurious house was previously owned by one of the country’s wealthiest men, the Duke of Westminster.

The Mirror reported a royal source explained: “The Duke and Duchess’s finances appear to be incredibly complex.

“The sensible thing to do would be to repair any debts and to do away with any further controversy at all.”

Meanwhile, another royal source said: “The sums, although disputed, are clearly very, very large indeed.

“It is not known who knew about this but the fact it has been made public is causing even more concern.

“What is left to come out of the woodwork? It’s simply staggering.”

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