Nam Joo Hyuk spotted filming despite ongoing controversy over legal drama

Nam Joo Hyuk didn’t wait for the legal drama in his life to end before filming and fans are surprised

Nam Joo Hyuk was spotted filming for his new drama in July, despite being embroiled in legal drama.

Nam Joo Hyuk was accused of bullying and sexual harassment by his former classmate back in July. The actor’s agency has taken the case to court to fight a legal battle in his defense.

However, the actor-model was spotted at an outdoor filming location wearing a police uniform, portraying a college student Ji Yong, training to join the police force, according to reports.

As per ALLKPOP, the actor-model attended the script reading for his upcoming drama series Vigilante  despite his legal battle around school-bullying controversy.

ALLKPOP reports that many netizens were surprised to see Nam Joo Hyuk filming the new drama despite the legal battle that has not yet been settled.

One commented, commented, “So, he’s just going to go ahead with filming?” and another questioned, “Did his school bullying controversy settle yet?”

Yet another said, “Hmm, they’re just filming I guess,” and one more said, “I’m surprised they are continuing with the filming even if his legal issues with his bullying didn’t settle yet.”

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