Kim Jin Woo to star in thriller romance drama ‘Delivery Man’: Release date, cast, etc…

WINNER member Kim Jin Woo is set to star in the upcoming romance drama ‘Delivery Man’

WINNER member Kim Jin Woo is set to star in a new drama titled Delivery Man, Allkpop reported on August 5.

Kim takes the role of Lee Dong-Wook in the drama, and fans expect him to show a different side of himself through this role.

Delivery Man is the story of a ghostly taxi driver whose passengers are also ghosts. 

It deals with a variety of tales based on the cab driver who fulfills the spirit’s last wishes. It is a brand-new work with colorful material that combines romance, suspense, and sorrowful drama.

Through Delivery Man, Kim will arduously test his acting abilities and display a different charm.

Two performers, Yoon Chan Young, and Bang Min Ah had previously declared their involvement in the drama. The release is planned for the following year.

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