Johnny Depp missed defamation case verdict because of Jeff Beck?

Johnny Depp missed defamation case verdict because of Jeff Beck?

Johnny Depp missed the verdict of the bombshell defamation case against Amber Heard because of his plans with Jeff Beck.

A close friend of the Edward Scissorhands star told the New York Post that the actor, 59, already had plans  with the guitarist when the case result was scheduled to be announced.

Revealing why Depp missed the trial verdict, the insider said, “He was not there for the verdict because he had already made plans to tour with Jeff Beck.”

“Johnny missed the first night of the tour so he could be in the courtroom for the closing arguments. But he would never let Jeff down. The arguments concluded and he got to the tour as soon as he possibly could,” the source shared.

Depp is all set to start shooting for his first film Jeanne du Barry post libel trial on Monday and has been enjoying gigs with Beck ever since the case’s verdict was announced.

As for why Europe, the pal told the outlet, “Being in Europe is business as usual for Johnny. He was not canceled or shamed there. So he continues to be more comfortable [in Europe] than in the US.”

While, the actor’s post trial activity may be seen as a “calculated celebration of his release” from “the shackles of litigation,” the friend said the timing is “serendipitous. This isn’t a victory lap.”

“This is Johnny finally being able to go back and lead his life buoyed by a landslide jury decision that overwhelmingly proved Amber Heard’s allegations to be false,” the source added.

“These plans were well-laid long before the trial,” the insider said before adding, “The tour and movie were already scheduled. In terms of the art, he has been painting and giving paintings to people for as long as I have known him. He never isn’t painting.”

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