Johnny Depp, Jeff Beck accused of plagiarizing song lyrics from incarcerated man’s poem

Johnny Depp, Jeff Beck accused of plagiarizing lyrics from incarcerated man’s poem

Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck have been accused of plagiarism as they have allegedly stolen song lyrics from a poem written by a prisoner.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor and the guitarist dropped their album titled 18 weeks after Depp won the highly publicized defamation case against ex-wife Amber Heard.

In a report published by Rolling Stone, it has been claimed that the track of the duo Sad Mother***** Parade has lyrics that were actually written by an incarcerated man named Slim Wilson.

The poems of Wilson, whose real name was Willie Davis, called “toasts” were documented in a 1974 book Get You’re A** in The Water and Swim Like Me by folklorist Bruce Jackson.

Jackson met the prisoner, who was convicted for murder and robbery, while he served time in in Missouri State Penitentiary, as per the publication.

Depp and Beck’s track has lines strikingly similar with that of Wilson’s poem titled “Hobo Ben”, which he said in 1964.

“The only two lines I could find in the whole piece that [Depp and Beck] contributed are ‘Big time mother****r’ and ‘Bust it down to my level,’” Jackson told the outlet.

“Everything else is from Slim’s performance in my book. I’ve never encountered anything like this. I’ve been publishing stuff for 50 years, and this is the first time anybody has just ripped something off and put his own name on it,” he added.

Jackson and his lawyer son, Michael Lee Jackson, are reportedly exploring legal action against the musicians.

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