International Beer Day: Pair These 9 Yummy Snacks With Your Beer

Whether it’s about enjoying a weekend party or celebrating a happy occasion, many people like drinking beer. This is one of the most popular drinks consumed across the globe. Every year, International Beer Day is celebrated on the first Friday of August. This year, it’s on August 5. The celebration often takes place in pubs, breweries and other places where people love to drink beer and spend a good time with their friends and loved ones. However, the combination of some lip-smacking snacks with beer is a match made in heaven. So, this International Beer Day, if you are planning to party with your friends, don’t forget to relish these quick bites that go perfectly well with this drink.

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1) French fries

When you think of opting for some snacks with beer, this is probably the first food item that comes to your mind. Crispy French fries scream indulgence from miles away. This yummy dish hardly takes three ingredients including potatoes salt and oil, of course, to get ready.

2) Nachos

Generally, crispy food items like nachos taste well with beer. This Mexican snack is often packed with a number of flavours. You can prepare this at home within a jiffy. Many people decorate it with cheese and various other ingredients. However, it’s not a necessary step.

3) Roasted salted peanuts

Having beer without something delicious on the side would look like an incomplete experience. So, many beer lovers prefer simple roasted street-style salted peanuts paired with the drink. Besides all this, these munchies are also packed with protein.

4) Chilli garlic wings

If you like chomping on tasty snacks while sipping beer, this recipe is for you. This is a great dish for all the chicken lovers out there. So, now when you sit with your glass of drink, don’t forget to prepare some tasty chilli garlic wings beforehand.


5) Potato bites

This is a favourite snack in many households. Also, the best part is that it can be easily rustled up at home. To make this, all you need is some potatoes, garlic, chilli flake and rice flour and you are good to go.

6) Fried onion rings

This is yet again a wonderful snack option to team with your beer. Fried onion rings may take some time to get ready but trust us, the final taste of the delicacy is worth all the efforts. The rings of onion dipped in an egg-milk-based batter and fried till crispy, are a perfect party snack.

7) Chicken popper

When you sit with your friends for a beer party, think about considering this as an option. This easy-peasy recipe gets ready in minutes and once you taste it, there’s no going back. The boneless chicken pieces cooked nicely will leave you craving for more.


8) Crispy corn

Monsoon is here and what’s better than devouring some crispy corns prepared with a few homely spices? This dish is a hit among people from all age groups especially, those who are very fond of corn. Now, when you are wondering what to order to prepare at home to have with beer, place your trust in this recipe and it wouldn’t disappoint you.

9) Chicken shami kebab

If you are a sucker for Indian cuisine and love digging into Mughlai dishes, this is something you can think about. Chicken shami kebabs are drool-worthy and nothing can beat the taste of this recipe in terms of flavours and texture.

We hope now you have ample options to choose the best snacks for your beer party.

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