International Beer Day 2022: 5 Tips To Taste Beer Like A Pro

A chilled mug of frothy, foamy beer is all we need to rejuvenate after a long, tiring day. International Beer Day, which falls on the first Friday of the month of August, every year, celebrates the alcoholic drink that brings joy to many people. The day calls for tasting beer with loved ones and celebrating renowned beer brands across the world. If you are planning to celebrate Beer Day by tasting and guzzling down some good beers with your friends or family, make sure to do it the right way. 

Beer tasting is an art nuanced with some sensibilities, which are not difficult to attain. With inputs from the popular mixologist, Nitin Tewari, we have listed down some pro tips that will help you master beer tasting and leave an impression on the gathering.  

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Beer enjoys immense popularity among the masses. 

Here’re 5 Tips For Expert Beer Tasting: 

1. Store the beer at the right temperature. Check the label for guidance. 

2. At one point in time, taste beers from the same category only. Mixing up different kinds of beers may confuse your taste buds. 

3. Can’t make out which beer is which? Keep in mind that translucent beers are lager beers and the beers that look a bit cloudy are wheat beers. 

4. Make sure that the glasses you are going to pour your beer in should be thoroughly cleaned. Any residue in the glass may change the taste of the beer. 

5. Start drinking by first sniffing in the aroma of the beer, which is mostly emitted from the beer head (foam on the top). Then take a sip of it, first swirl it in your mouth and then swallow it. 

The Indian market offers a range of local and international beer brands that offer a good heady experience to its patrons. Did you know that homegrown Indian brands are grabbing the market faster than ever? Here are some Indian beer brands you should look for. 

With the weekend just around the corner, plan a beer tasting get-together to celebrate International Beer Day like a true beer lover. And don’t forget to pair your beer with these snacks.   

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