Husband buys doll that looks like his wife to spend time with

Husband Callum, the doll Dee, and wife Char Grey. — LadBible

A couple, who were unable to find time for each other for intimacy, came up with a unique idea to deal with the situation.

The 23-year-old wife, named Char Grey, and her husband Callum, 28, decided to buy a doll that looked just like Grey so that they could manage their mismatched libidos.

The doll, nicknamed Dee, now spends time with Callum when Grey “isn’t in the mood” for intimacy.

The couple said there were “so many” dolls to choose from but they settled for Dee because she looks like Grey.

“I never get jealous because there’s no emotion there — she’s not real but she’s definitely spiced things up,” Grey told LadBible.

When Callum isn’t spending time with Dee, they put the doll in the studio.

“We’d never put her away in a cupboard,” Grey said.

They both agreed that the doll has helped them improve their overall relationship.

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