Former co-star shares how she learned meaning of gay from Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is once again in the news after  being sidelined for a couple of years over allegations of  domestic abuse.

One of his former co-stars Cristina Ricci said  Johnny Depp’s former girlfriend Winona Ryder asked him to explain to her what it means to be gay.

Sharing the story of how she learned the meaning of gay, Ricci said in an interview recently that It happened when she was filming Mermaids as a child star with Winona Ryder, who put then-boyfriend Johnny Depp on the phone to explain it.

She said Depp “is actually the person who explained to me what homosexuality was when I was 9.”

“There was something going on on-set and someone was not being nice to someone else. And they were like, ‘oh, well he might be homophobic.’ And then I was like, ‘well, I don’t understand what that is,'” she recalled. “I was in Winona’s trailer and she was like, ‘I don’t know how…’ so she put me on the phone with Johnny. And Johnny explained it to me.”

Depp and Ryder ended their relationship shortly after they had started dating in 1993.

Ricci said Depp explained the concept of being gay it to her in “the simplest terms.”

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