Doja Cat debuts new look after shaving her eyebrows on Instagram live

The musician, who catapulted to viral success for her 2018 song “Mooo!”, took to an Instagram live feed to shave her eyebrows shortly after shaving her head on Thursday night.

“I just do not like to have hair,” said the singer during the Instagram live. She expressed her frustration at the continuous upkeep required by wearing wigs, especially when she was working out.

“I’d be working out, but I couldn’t focus because I was more concerned with how I looked and how my hair was doing,” she explained. “There were times when I’d put a beanie on top of my wig, that’s on top of a wig cap, that’s on top of braids.”

“I just can’t believe that it took me this long to be like: shave your f–king head.”

On Friday, Doja Cat posted snaps of her new look on Instagram, with elaborate designs drawn onto her eyebrows. The post has received over 3 million likes as of Saturday afternoon.

And her new style may not have come as a surprise to fans keeping up her social media.

“im going to shave my head and gain a ton of muscle but as a joke,” Doja Cat tweeted on July 31.

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