Dead mosquito helps police arrest thief in china

Police collecting DNA samples on wall. Photo— Venezuela Detail Zero

Police in China arrested a thief after a mosquito was squashed on the wall by a burglar during a robbery which helped in the investigation of a robbery that occurred in an apartment, the Global Times reported.

The incident was reported in the city of Fuzhou, capital of China’s province Fujian, where the police were investigating a case of robbery in a residential apartment reported a month ago.

During an investigation, police found out that a burglar entered the house through the balcony and spent the night, however, police failed to trace the robber’s identity unless the blood stains of a squashed mosquito were found on the wall.

Police collected the blood stains and sent it for Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) analysis which confirmed the identity of the thief. Subsequently, police arrested the suspect, identified as Chai. During the investigation, he was also found involved in more robberies and has a criminal record too.

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