5 Things To Keep In Mind About Yo-Yo Diet

If losing weight, only to regain it after forgoing your diet, and then starting all over again sounds familiar, you might be stuck in the vicious cycle of ‘weight cycling’ or ‘Yo-Yo dieting’. Like a yo-yo, you can track your weight going up and down, in the end, what you are left with are frustration and bad health. If none of your diet plans have worked yet, but you need to get those extra pounds off, yo-yo dieting still might not be the way to go, and here are 5 reasons why:

Post-diet weight loss starts the weight gain cycle. As appetite increases and you consume more food, rather than gaining muscle mass, the body is easily able to gain fat. The stress sets in and dieting starts again. You’re now stuck in weight cycling.

Studies claim yo-yo dieting might cause high body fat percentage so that the weight gain you’re worried about post-dieting might not entirely be your fault.

Whether it’s fatty liver, increased risk of diabetes, or cardiovascular diseases, the Yo-Yo diet has packed it all for you. Remember the higher the weight change, the greater the risk.

If you are looking for weight changes, better get off the yo-yo diet train. Sticking to strict diet plans is not for everyone. Find what works for you. Until then, moderate exercise, 6-7 glasses of water ina day and increased veggies are great places to start.

Although it is unclear whether yo-yo dieting causes eating disorders, studies have shown that people with multiple diet plans often go through eating disorders.

If you think you are struggling with eating disorders, figuring out whether you have an eating disorder and seeking professional help is the key to getting out of weight cycling.

Diets often fail because it conditions you to keep at them until you reach your goal. Once that goal is reached, falling back into your old patterns gets easy. Bottom line? Permanent lifestyle changes get you out of yo-yo dieting.

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